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Fran Circe Pitre is the second of four children born to Clifford and Virginia Circe, a Catholic family in upstate New York. When Fran was 12, she and her family moved to the suburbs of New Orleans, Louisiana, where her mother’s family lived, and at age 16 she met the teenage boy who would one day become her husband. Bruce Pitre was also part of a Catholic family, and after they both earned their college degrees (Bruce in architecture, and Fran in art education and graphic design), they were married. After living for a year in Dallas, Texas, they relocated to Northern Virginia just outside of Washington, DC. They spent their early married years pursuing their careers, enjoying friends, sports, traveling, and Fran’s involvement with the local rock band that she sang with on weekends around town. They centered their marriage on their faith and decided to make their important life decisions based on their Christian beliefs.

After they were married a few years, they decided that the time was right to begin a family. A fertility issue was suspected when they had not conceived a baby after attempting for more than a year. After five years of tests, treatments, and researching methods of intervention that would not conflict with their Christian values, they carefully chose a medically-assisted method of conceiving, were finally successful and Fran became pregnant. Three weeks later they learned there were two babies on the way! Their baby girls were born in the winter of 1994.

Fran and Bruce underwent the same treatment over four years later and had their second set of twins, a boy and a girl. Then, in 2007, deciding to try for one more child, they received only minimal intervention from their doctor … no surgical procedure or fertility drugs, and discovered that Fran was pregnant with her now eleven-year-old twin boys.

Twins x 3 is not only the story of how two people who wanted to raise a family, are blessed with both the struggles and the rewards that came from many years of prayer and perseverance, but Fran also shares the details of her challenging pregnancies, surviving the early days of twin newborns, the struggles of raising a large family, the unique dynamics between her sets of twins as they’ve grown, keeping marriage strong with many kids, and today, as her children are growing and starting to go off on their own, how she is following her dreams and is singing professionally again.

Today, Fran has released her first album of original songs, performs with musicians both locally and in New York City, is a licensed medical massage therapist, and lives with her architect husband Bruce and their six kids in Jacksonville, FL.